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SOFEI NATURE Root Strengthening Shampoo 520ml

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About this product


Designed and developed for fragile hair, the effective repair of hair dryness damaged hair, strong effect nourishing and maintain healthy shine, in-depth care hair to give the hair strong and resilient.
Specially adds the Japanese patent health hair ingredient-mori, can make the hair strong not easy to break, is accompanied with the green coffee, the black garlic essence extraction, the organic white Tea three big natural plant extracts jian hair element, the hair protection also helps to slow down the hair damage, gives the frail hair omni-directional top care.

Rich in Mori, organic white tea, green coffee and other health hair plant extract, strong effect nourish and maintain healthy bright hair, deep care hair, give rich hair strong and resilient. Applicable objects: General hair quality and fragile sparse hair suitable for use: the right amount in the palm after foaming, applied to the hair, with the finger belly slightly do massage. Recommended Wash two times, the first shampoo clean grease dirty, the second shampoo massage scalp

1. For sensitive scalp/ normal hair
2. Strengthen your scalp to provide healthy hair
3. Create a volume hair
4. Energize your scalp
5. A best protection for weak scalp
6. Create a shield for your hair and scalp

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