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SHISEIDO The Hair Care Fuente Forte Miniature 3pcs Travel Set

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About this product

Scalp problems such as roughness dandruff and itchiness

Those who are concerned about oiliness and odor of the scalp

Those who are concerned about the scalp’s lack of resilience and moisture due to aging

Nurture the scalp. Beautify the hair.

Fortify the scalp in the salon, and give it ongoing support to grow blissfully healthy hair.

A healthy scalp is essential for shiny, bouncy hair. But countless daily stress factors affect your skin, keeping your scalp from creating ideal conditions for healthy hair growth. Through our access to Shiseido’s exclusive skin care advancements, FUENTE FORTE delivers technology that reinforces skin’s natural barrier function, making your scalp resistant to various kinds of stressful stimuli. In the salon or at home, give your scalp strength, and let beautiful hair come naturally.


Eliminates sebum and impurities that cause scalp problems, keeping the hair and the scalp clean without stripping away the precious moisture.


With its superior cleansing and cooling powers, it conditions the scalp prone to stickiness, keeping both the hair and the scalp clean and refreshed.


Creates and maintains a healthy scalp environment while giving hair a light and airy texture.

Package include - 1x SHAMPOO 50ML & 1 x SHAMPOO ( PURIFYING ) 50ML & 1x TREATMENT 50ML

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