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FBT #7116 Straightener / Flat Ionic Iron

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About this product

Crafted from the most advanced materials, the FBT #7115 FLAT IRON Ionic 

Straightener is designed with cutting-edge features that redefine ease of use and excellence of performance. 

Straighten or curl with smoother, shinier, more beautiful results.

Lightweight, corrosion and warp resistant for perfect plate alignment. 

Highly efficient heat transfer instantly smoothes , condition and shines.

How t o use:

It's very important to work in layers when straightening hair, and you should always begin with the bottom layer.To do this, clip away the top three-quarters of your hair, or the top half if you have fine, thin hair.

It's up to you to determine how many layers you want to work through. Keep in mind the goal is to run your iron over haironly once. If you ever feel that your hair needs another run-through, you were ironing sections that were too thick.

Once the hair is clipped, work your way around the bottom layer.Iron one-inch sections of hair at a time. Clamp the iron down as close to the scalp as possible without burning yourself. Holding the hair taut from the end, slowly pull the iron down the length of hair. Be sure to read directions to see what heat setting you should have the iron on and how long to keep it on your hair.

With the bottom layer complete, create a layer above it by pulling up your hair again. You want to work your way up through the sections of your hair, layer by layer. It takes a little time (and more if you have thick hair), but the results are worth it.

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