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Erayba Zen Active Z10b Absorbing Mask 8 x 15ml

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Hair mask oily hair, regulates sebaceous secretions. Balances the sebaceous secretionc and absorbs excess of sebum on scalp. Deeply cleans scalp, keeps the hair healthy and light.

Erayba Z10b oily conditioning hair mask  

-Remove the hair mask of oily hair, effectively remove excessive oil secreted by the scalp sebaceous glands and complex care     


-The green essence soil rich in beneficial minerals can absorb excess oil and condition the skin.  

-The herbal extracts of aloe vera and cucumber help moisturize and restore natural balance. You will no longer need to wash your hair frequently, and provide you with a refreshing and comfortable scalp anytime, anywhere!  

-Hair will become fluffy, tidy and elastic  

-Normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands and absorb excess fat from the scalp. 

 -Deeply clean the scalp to keep the hair clean and bright.  

-has a slight soothing aroma of aloe vera  

-Natural ingredients, aloe extract, cucumber extract, vitamin and trace element complex Sebaryl, green clay


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