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ERAYBA G30 Nordic Blond Bleach 500g

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About this product

Powder for lightening "Nordic" with an anti-yellow effect (spare) is the result of the joint work of makeup artists, cosmetologists and biologists of the laboratory of the elite brand Erayba. Professionals have created a product that helps to make hair of a light shade even more beautiful and healthier, to hide the remnants of past dyes. The product has a mattifying effect, allowing you to forget about the uneven tone of the ends of the natural color, if you are growing your hair.  

Erayba G30 Nordic Blond Blue (Refill) has a micro-granular formula and a creamy consistency, thanks to which instantly lightens hair up to 7 tones. The powder is designed to lighten and neutralize unwanted yellow tints of hair or regrown roots of the "native" color. When in contact with hair, it is not dusty. Contains pleasant perfumery menthol additives. Protects hair from brittleness and dryness when exposed to the hot air of a hair dryer when drying or ironing. It has a conditioning effect, leaving hair silky, soft and hydrated. This versatile product can be used with 6%, 9% or 12% oxidizing emulsions, depending on the degree of clarification.

ERAYBA G30 Nordic Blond Bleach Powder "NORDIC" with antizheltym effect of 500 g - It has a pleasant mint smell. Protects the structure of the Solos, creates a conditioning effect, makes hair silky, moisturizing them



Direction of Use: 

Powder can be used with oxidizing emulsions 6%, 9% or 12%, depending on the degree of clarification. Mix 1 part powder with 2 parts oxidizing emulsion. Apply to the areas you wish to lighten and leave for 30-40 minutes according to the degree of lightening.

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