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CAB'S Fresh Nourishing Shampoo 730G

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About this product

Normal, dry, or lightly damaged hair

Introduction to Functional Ingredients
Sodium N-lauroyl Sarcosinate cleaning factor with mild nature, completely remove dirt from hair; Contain grape polyphenol essence, activate hair; Red wine SOD can effectively remove free radical from hair caused by air pollution and UV, and resist oxidation; Active colloid can quickly penetrate into hair, and strengthen hair; N.M.F. Moisturizing factor can absorb and retain water, making hair moist and glossy.


250ml / 730G


- 醯基氨酸钠温和洁净配方,轻柔秀发,情节秀发污垢
- 注入葡萄多酚精华,唤醒秀发生命力
- 红酒SOD有效清除由于大气污染,紫外线等影响产生的秀发汽油基,抵抗氧化
- 活性膠结物,快速渗透,使发质强韧
- N.M.F 保湿因数,吸收并紧锁水分,令头发湿润亮泽

Directions of use

Wet hair with warm water and apply this product to hair. Shampoo gently. Then rinse away with warm water thoroughly.

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