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CAB'S Anti-Oil & Dandruff Shampoo 730g

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About this product

oily scalp, oily dandruff and hair

Introduction to Functional Ingredients
Contain Red-Wine Polyphenols essence, cleanse scalp, relax nerves, regularize oil secretion of scalp, remove dandruff; relieve scalp and relieve sensitive skin. Grape acid essence can penetrate into hair, calm mind and make hair with elegant fruit fragrant.




- 萃取红酒多酚精华,能清洁头皮,放松头部神经
- 调节头皮油脂分泌,去除头屑
- 更能舒缓头皮,解决过敏等头部皮肤状况
- 葡萄果酸精华渗透发丝,另发丝散发淡淡果香,平静心情

Directions of use

Wet hair with warm water and apply this product to hair. Shampoo gently. Then rinse away with warm water thoroughly.

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