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AURANE Ionic Straight Perm Set 500ml*2 /Rebonding

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Innovative thermal softening system, when soft hair with perfect effect, also can resist heat damage effectively, and protect hair keratin, to prevent hair from strong damage during perm

Size 500mlx2

Aurane Ionic Straight Perm Set (Re-bonding) Instructions:
1. Wash hair with shampoo First.
2. Divide hair into 4 sections
3. Wear suitable disposable gloves during the entire service
4. Pour Heat softening Perm Lotion  (1)  into a non-metallic bowl

5. First applications : beginning at the nape of the neck, use a tint brush to apply product rapidly section by section along the lengths of the hair, stopping 1/2 cm from the scalp. Avoid tension on the hair.
5. Retouch applications : If the hair has already been relax, only apply on the re-growth

7. Repeat applications on remaining sections in the same manner
8. Ensure the cream is distributed well throughout the hair
9. Do not pull the hair during the application
10. Smooth with fingers or side of hand to ensure enough product is spread through hair & it remains straight.
11. Leave on for 15 minutes at room temperature on very resistant natural hair, resistant natural hair & natural hair, 10 minutes on sensitized hair. Continue smoothing hair with fingers during recommended development time

12. Use a timer. The application time must be counted as part of the total development time.
13. Total development time is 20 minutes for natural hair (including application time).
14. Never leave the Heat softening Perm Lotion (1) in contact with the hair for more than 20 minutes
15. Do not exceed the maximum development time
16. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water until the product is completely removed.
17. Towel dry carefully
18. If you want to perfect result for your straight hair, dry your hair perfectly use blow dryer, and then use flat iron!

19. Then neutralize the hair using the Neutralizing Cream (2)
20. Apply neutralizing cream (2) to hair
21. Spread well & allow to penetrate all of hair
22. Leave on 10 minutes
23. Smooth down regularly so that hair remains straight during development time
24. Rinse carefully
25. Blow Dry by hair dryer.

***for experienced user / stylist


第 1 部分 - 准备
1. 先用洗发水洗头。
2. 将头发分 4 部份
3. 整个服务过程中佩戴合适的一次性手套
4. 将热软化烫发乳液 (1) 倒入非金属碗中

第 2 部分 - 选择您的头发状况以开始:
5. 第一次涂抹:从颈背开始,用染发刷沿着头发的长度逐段快速涂抹产品,停止于距离头皮 1/2 厘米处。
5. 补根的做法:如果头发已经做过Rebonding,只需要在新生长的头发上操作。

第 3 部分 - 继续
7. 以同样的方式在剩余部分重复
8. 确保膏体均匀分布在头发上
9. 过程中不要拉扯头发
10. 用手指或手侧抚平头发,确保有足够的膏体涂抹在头发上并保持笔直
11. 天然卷度强或较粗发质和一般天然发质约时 15 分钟,而敏感头发则约 10 分钟。在推荐的时间内继续用手指抚平头发。(普通室温情况)

第 4 部分 - 专业建议:
12. 建议使用计时器
13. 一般天然头发的总计时为 20 分钟(包括涂抹时间)
14. 任何发质,切勿让(1)号膏体 与头发接触超过 20 分钟
15. 千万不能超时!
16. 用温水彻底冲洗,直至完全洗净头发上的膏体。
17. 用毛巾小心擦干
18. 想要完美的直发效果,先用吹风机吹干头发,再用Flat Iron!

第 5 部分 - 继续
19. 然后使用 Neutralizing Cream (2) 中和霜
20. 在头发上涂抹中和霜 (2)
21. 涂抹均匀并渗透到所有头发
22. 等待 10 分钟
23. 定期抚平头发,使头发在等待期间保持笔直
24. 仔细冲洗
25. 用吹风机吹干


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