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[BUNDLE SPECIAL] Schwarzkopf Seborin Aktiv Hair Tonic 300ml + Seborin Hair Tonic ( Anti Dandruff & Itchy Scalp ) 400ml

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About this product


Schwarzkopf Seborin Aktiv Hair Tonic 300ml

Regenerates the hair from the roots to the tip. Pro-Vitamin B5 penetrates into the roots and hair and repair damaged hair from within.
Ginger root extract vitalizes the scalp. The tickling sensation that may occur is the sign of the scalp take place. A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy, shiny and full fair.
Seborin Aktiv Hair Tonic reduces the build-up of flakes



Schwarzkopf Seborin Hair Tonic ( Anti Dandruff ) 400ml

The hair tonic Seborin for scale-free hair. The anti-dandruff agent octopirox prevents the formation of dandruff and helps thus effective against annoying head itch. By revitalizing ingredients in conjunction with a head massage the hair remains healthy and fresh. 

Directions of use

•Use daily on dry hair or on towel-dry hair after the hair wash.
•Gently massage in for 1 minute.
•Do not rinse your hair. Let the high quality care ingredients remain in hair and roots.

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