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There is a MYTH in the fitness world!

[💬Dear Gym Freak…]
There is a MYTH in the fitness world!
🏋️‍♂️ Going to the gym makes you bald
If this myth stopped you from hitting the gym, I have some GREAT NEWS!
This myth is BUSTED… It is actually the clogged hair follicle that causes hair loss.
So just give your scalp the TLC it deserves. Give your hair some good quality shampoo and conditioner after your workout sessions to keep away from hair loss.
Don’t let the MYTH scare you.
You take care of your body, we take care of your hair.
❤CARE for YOURSELF, CARE for your SCALP🙆‍♀
Visit us to understand your hair condition now!
CARE for your SCALP:

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