Can hair loss be prevented?

Can hair loss be prevented?

- Can hair loss be prevented? 
- What is the best hair loss prevention?
- How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?
- Can you regrow hair loss?

1. Use suitable range of hair products for sebum hair control or anti-hair loss

2. Be consistent with the products' usage
3. Wash hair regularly
4. Blow dry from the hair roots with low heat
5. Use hair loss treatment products such as hair booster or hair tonic
6. Style hair gently; avoid tight hairstyles, wear hat less
7. Consume balanced diet for hair nutrients 
8. Practice good lifestyle habit such as de-stress, sleep early
9. Do scalp exfoliation once or twice a week to remove excess sebum that clogs 
the follicle
10. Go for a scalp scan once a month for progression check on oil control, pH 
balancing and removal of build-ups.

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