Reduce hair loss today

Reduce hair loss today
Wash it right with HAIRDEPOT

Depending on your hair type, washing too frequently can lead to stripped, dull hair, increased oil production and scalp inflammation but not washing your hair enough can cause flaky dandruff, irritation, clogged pores and even hair loss. YIKES! How many times do you wash your hair? Tell us!

To know how often you should wash your hair, you need to first understand your hair type.

  • Thick, curly hair tends to be drier and can go longer between washes.
  • Fine, straight hair may need to wash more frequently as natural oil spreads faster through thin hair.

However, do bear in mind due to pandemic, it is recommended to wash and cleanse yourself once you come home from running errands with appropriate soap and shampoo to reduce the risk of COVID virus transmission. 

Use plant-based and silicone-free shampoo without any harsh chemicals which is suitable for everyday hair wash.

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