Reduce hair loss today

Reduce hair loss today
Use HAIRDEPOT Scalp Massager

Hair loss not only robs a woman of her sense of style, but also her self-esteem and security. Why do hair loss occur?

1 Hairstyling
Heat, chemical and tension weakens hair follicles

2 Hormonal imbalance

As you age, your hormones fluctuates and can miniaturize hair follicles

3 Poor nutrition

Improper diet and lack of essential protein and nutrition for hair growth

4 Side effects of medication
Medication and birth control causes hormonal imbalance

5 Stress
Stress triggers alopecia areata, an immune disease that attacks hair follicles

Losing your hair can leave you feeling stressed. Know that you are not alone and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. Understanding your triggers can help manage hair loss.

  1. Practice balanced diet with more protein and complex carbohydrates
  2. Boost with supplements like iron, vitamin B12, copper, zinc
  3. Be smart about styling, simple is the way to go
  4. Self care with scalp massage

Try out
HAIRDEPOT Scalp Massager – it helps to de-stress and cleans dirt, dandruff and promote blood circulation on the scalp for hair growth. Remember, one product alone will not remedy hair loss, always remember to look at your general health and diet!

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